I did it

My goodnees . . It's sure been a long last 6 months. Working on actually getting my cleaning products to fruition has been an adventure!
Insurance, labels, terminology, PO Boxes, ideas, trial after trial, discovering that I am apparently very partial to citrus scents and that cedarwood enhances the scent of a lot of things . . its not just for moth balls! Hahaha.
I've had so much fun and felt so nervous about getting it right that I almost got to the point of talking myself out of keeping this up. The more info I find the more confused I get as to what I can or can't do.
But, I decided to take the leap a few days ago and listed 2 of my cleaning products on Etsy. My best mistake ever the Intense Clean that was a mess up, then we decided, what the heck, let's try using it for regular cleaning and discovered the awesomeness with-in and I made it on purpose and it's SO cool . . cleaned up rust, iron build-up and hard water stains better than some big-name brands (which shall rename nameless), which isn't to say that it was spotless with no scrubbing, but it was darn nice!
And the Get Fresh scent for my all purpose cleaner. I've been using the formulation in my house for over a year and a half, when I realized that the cleaners I was using were making my stomach sick and the kiddos were coughing and yucking for half a day after I cleaned big-time or did a bathroom . .. I knew I had to work something else out.
Now Aphia and I make the soap base, using her soap-making knowledge and reading, lots of reading and experimenting.
So, leia clean is officially launched! And I am SO excited with major butterflies in my stomach at the same time (in a good way) :-) Yeay!!!