So excited

Woooo!! yesterday I finally got to see my friend make some soap and it's for my new laundry detergent, too!! I was so nervous about it . .. soap making is so not something that I would ever attempt on my own, no matter what, but with her help and confidence, we'll be cooking up tons of stuff soon!

I can't wait to get really going and get labels, stamps, ingredient lists, packaging and all that fun stuff for this cleaner line! WOOOO-WHOOOO! I don't think I have ever been so excited about something in a long time - well, something that didn't have to do with the kids.

Soon we will be making the liquid soap and I can whip up the spray cleaners and then move on to the other sprays I am working on.

Yeay, and yeay, yeah!!

Have a wonderful Saturday night!

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