Turkey Day Contest on Etsy

Gooble, gooble! Yes . . .it's coming - the attack of the turkeys and relatives!!

Hahaha! I am trying to get ready for the housefull in less than 2 weeks (yikes! Not even close to cleaned-up) and meanwhile procrastinating on the cleaning thing by playing and making stuff on Etsy! I am so in love with all the wonderfully fun, interesting and absolutely AMAZING things I find on Etsy. I already have a few Christmas items bought and picks for hubby to get me. Gah -- back on topic.

MissKnits and sarahinflorida are running a Thanksgiving Contest here at this forum thread.

Stop by and vote for your fav by giving it a heart - yeppers, that means that if you do not have and Etsy account of your own - shame on you!!! - you gotta get one so you can VOTE FOR MY COMP-U-COPIA (completely shameless plug).

Check out all the listings at once and MissKnits awesomely fun blog at: missknitsetsy.blogspot.com: Etsy Thanksgiving

And hop on over to Etsy to get your hand-made on!!

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missknits said...

woohoo!!! i love it! everyone come say hi and cast your vote and give a heart! gobble gobble!