Blowing my top!!

So, I have a few issues that I am very peeved about recently, but this one has topped my list for sure. The new Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act is out of control!!
The CSPC has decided that the law will apply retroactively for all children's products made and sold prior to Feb 2009 - if there is no certification label you can be (according to the written law) fined and convicted for merely GIVING AWAY your children's used clothing. All used clothing and toys will end up in landfills.
And many, many home-based and small businesses will go out of business! The testing is outrageous and each item has to be tested. They are considering exemptions for wool and wood, but currently no exempts for cotton, hand-made, or even made in the USA or Europe where there have not been findings of lead added to paints or phalates added to plastics. If this law is supposed to be directed at the lead additives, etc from Chinese manufacturing plants and large-scale menufacturers then THOSE are the places that need to be affected by this law, not everyone. Or there needs to be realistic and AFFORDABLE testing. $4000 or even $500 per item is NOT reasonable for small businesses or handmade.
I understand that there is a chance that something may get into cotton (fertilizer, sprays, treatments, chemicals), but think about how many chemicals our children are exposed to by breathing the air after it is sprayed with a room freshener or after a suface is cleaned with a chemical-based cleaner (which most are).
So ... to save anyone who might be crazy enough to read this from more of my tirade, here are a few places to check out:

http://www.cpsc.gov/about/cpsia/summaries/101brief.html -- this is understanable, but give us better testing methods, please.


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