since you've been gone

So, missed me much?! Hahaha!

Been doing the physical life thing lately .. hubby is working on his last semester of school and he will officially be Total Math Geek and have his coveted math degree ... hehehe. Truthfully, this big-time math stuff is major confusing, I remember being the 'can I try to explain this to you so that I can understand it better' monkey back when we were both in school and just zoning out because if I really tried to understand it would have been hours of explaining and I would have not had time for my school work. So, in the words of Ren and Stimpy "Happy, happy, joy, joy - we're almost done!"

I am currently looking for some super Easter finds for the kiddos and have found a few .. a fellow BSMET member is custom-making a dragon egg for the D-man and the pics I saw so far are unbelievable! Have also found the sweetest necklace for Miss Thing that is serving a better purpose, as it is for the Cora Paige Project (read more by clicking on the link). I will have to show off the goodies after I get them purchased in the next few days, so they are not snagged up by someone else :-) and so that I have time to ask the artists.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, all!!

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Judy Elizabeth said...

Hello Jamie (Itsie) you have been "gone" for a while, 'cause we did not hear from you! So, it is great to have you back! The Cora Paige necklace and the tiny acorn Star Fairy are darling! Mary-Beth is happy to be included with them. I also love wooden toys!

You take care, let us hear from you more often!

warm regards, judyelizabeth