The EB is on his way!

Ohhhh .... I'm so excited. Just got my Etsy purchases in for EB presents for the kiddos. Miss Thing is the lucky receiver of an adorable Flutterby necklace by bellabuttondesigns. And for the first time, she will actually be able to have her name on the lovely. The only regret I have in giving the minies unique names is that finding personalized items is very unrealistic. That just means they will get unique personalized items, too right?!
And the D-man is getting his very own first of the series Dragon egg with a hatching whelpling. The lovely Angi of ajoydesigns made a very special order for me!! And she has decided to make more of the cuties and post them on her Etsy store .. .lucky to all of you! Here another one of her Dragon's Eggs, which inspired me to ask for a very special egg.She was so quick to come up with something and it's just perfect for him. I know that I will have to keep him from playing with it, though. But I am sure he will understand that it is to look at - he has several look-ats, but they are just SO hard to keep your hands off of :-)

So, the bulk of my EB shopping is in the basket (hahaha, couldn't resist), since we don't do big presents from the EB. They might also get some special candies from Etsy if I don't steal them before they go into the baskets and I am getting them choc bunnies from the local newspaper staff - -they are selling them to raise money for their Relay for Life team. (BTW - if anyone has any fun ideas for a cake to make that would go with the Back to the Future theme for the cake contest/ auction, drop me a comment. I really need some ideas and I volunteered to make the cake again this year for their team).

Have a wonderful weekend!

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justathought said...

Thank you very much for your wonderful comments about my Dragon's Eggs. They are such a joy to make. I love anything that fuels the imagination, especially that of a child. I hope your son enjoys his special egg.