the bleach debate

Seriously wondering if bleach really does any good. I know that it destroys everything, but really think about it - it destroys EVERYTHING! Your nose, your clothes, your carpet, anything it touches. Kiddos and I have been sick on and off for about a week now - I think mine is mostly just plain exhaustion - and I have still yet to bring on the nasty stuff.
Been trying to keep up a bit more on vacuuming, dusting the floor with baking soda before, cleaned up the bathrooms from head to toe with my homemade cleaner and double-duty on the kitchen counters.
Then I found myself this morning thinking - should i suck it up and get the bleach out?! Then I realized that Miss Chatterbox was sick at the beginning of the week, but has not gotten sick again. Little Dude has not been feeling superb for a few days, but has not actually gotten sick, sick. So maybe he was taking so long to get rid of it because he just couldn't get it out - if you catch my drift.
Hubby is still unaffected and I truly think mine is just plain not being able to sleep and in pain from lame shoulder issue.
So, I will hold out and wash sheets to get rid of beddy germs, clean kitchen floor and wipe up bathroom doors and counters again. Then we will tell if bleach really is all it's cut out to be - or if plain old non-hazardous cleaning and waiting it out for a reasonable amount of time is really where it's at. I have no desire to deal with super bugs and all that crazy stuff - so I will not do the mommy panic and go overboard and spread more chemicals and yuck through my life.

Now, off to cleaning a bit and contemplating the joys of cleaning with stuff that I do not need a mask, gloves and goggles and crappy, ruined clothing to use. And relish in saving all that rinsing water and not poluting my front yard with my septic draining nasty chemicals into it because I had to have the germ free zone.

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