Got the News out!

Phew and double Phew!
I am on the finishing touches of the newsletter and it's new-ish design. I did change most things, but until we can really go all-out and offer up full-color or at least colors on internal pages, I feel like it really doesn't change.
Used BRIGHT pink for the high-light color on the front and back pages for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I am hoping my fellow GFWC MT ladies will appreciate that.

We are also announcing that we will be offering the newsletter electronically - -wooo! Great idea Susan! We can work on the old ladies (as I fondly call them) going green! I really do hope that they at least try it for one issue. We will officially announce it at the Board of Director's Meeting this coming weekend and they will get the announcement in their Fall issue of the GFWC Montana Woman. *crossing my fingers for a good response*

So, in honor of going green here are a few cool 'green' Etsy finds, ya'll!

Just too cute and organic to boot!!
by mingus :: Origami Elephant Organic Purse

Fat Cat is SO cool and I think I may have to hurt someone who buys him out from under my nose, really would love this little guy under my tree for Christmas. by RisingExpectations

Cheers all! I will be back soon - hopefully tomorrow. Miss me *LOL*

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