major brainstorming

So, Aphia and I are getting down to business, although she already has a pretty good head start on me, we are both really excited to just get things going for our new ventures.
She has a name picked out and is ready to go, I have a HUGE list of potential names, but none really feel like the name. I have narrowed it down by doing some online research for something that has a similar name, or even if I thought of a name already out there - want to get my bases covered.
Now, I will have to find some good info as far as natural products and what is good, bad, better .. and still waiting for government yoo-hoos to give a rip about what I asked and get back to me.
Also wondering if I am wasting my time when I do Etsy store upkeep and such. I know that I will still be doing a few things here and there for itsiebitsies, but just not sure what the time scale will be. Really why I don't want to just ditch all the work I've done. And I know that I still want to do some of those things and have fun making my creations.
Then, I keep taking time off from thinking to watch things like debates (they are all so peeving me off!!!) and other less politically important, but oh, so much more sensible (haha). Like Top Design, What not to Wear ...
And I just had to watch Project Runway last night - - of course LeAnn would win - - I mean, duh. Korto does marvelous work, but I could just tell after the episode that Joe got the boot it would be LeAnn. She did fabulous work on her collection and was horrahed for almost each piece.
I would LOVE to see if Korto does work that she sells, but alas, I am probably too chunky for her stuff - size 10?! huh, what, that's a large, don't you know?! Blah. And I don't think I would be able to to fork over what she is worth to have her make something for me . .. wouldn't I love to, though. If the business venture takes off ... tell you where I'm shopping. Weee-whooo!
Kenley's collection had a few really fun pieces, too. The pinkish dress with the painting on it . .. LOVE!
Seriously, they all did something far beyond me and totally amazing .. Major congratulations to all 3 ladies.
Alright, off the PR tangent.

And on to my fun finds tonight:
The toys made by FantasticToys are just so wonderful! These fawns are so cute. Makes me wish I was little so I could have all of them. My daughter loves the butterfly puppet and mushroom house she got for her Birthday from FantasticToys!

And of course, the to-die-for-geekieness of GeekCentralStation!! Hopefully I can snag a Luke, or *hint* an Anikan for the little dude for Christmas!! This one is a pattern for the clothes, but I need the little guys - just do not have a crochet skill to try to make these guys.

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