Halloween is SO my fav holiday

I think I have finally realized why it is my favorite. While dressingup in your choice of crazy costume ranks high and getting tons of candy (pass the chocolate and ditch the smarties, K) is up there, it's not quite it.
I am not big on the being scared thing - I remember liking that in about middle school, staying up and watching creepy movies (when Freddy was, like, so scary - hahaha), but now it is definately not for me. I help out at the annual haunted house by making goodies and helping manage the line, but I will not go in. The lady that does it does a crazy scary job!
So, anyway, I finally figured it out! It's a holiday of sorts - I try to remember it as less to do with commercial stuff (make our own costumes here) and more of a harvest celebration, the coming of winter and all that. But, it's no stress. You get to just have fun, be silly and don't have the big "holiday" hoop-la. Makes it so much more bearable.
Speaking of no stress - I have yet to start making costumes, so I am feeling a bit out of sorts on that. But we do have just about all the parts for the fairy and all we need are black clothes for bat-child. I am going to be a geek - so get to dress up like hubby - -hahhaha!!!
So, up until the big day I will be posting fun finds from Etsy for Halloween.
Look for a few later today.

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