wack jobs in the book store

So, went to the "big town" that actually has a CostCo, Target, Ross, etc for the day to shop with little sis and goofy nephew with little chatterbox daughter and we were there to witness the wack-job of the day spout about socialist freaks and bleep bleep bleep yelling at a poor clerk in Big-Box-Bookstore about the books from and about "those stupid liberals" on a SMALL table display which were accompanied by books by and about . . .guess who? the apparently only sensible ones out there, the conservatives.
Gah . . .dude was seriously off his flipping rocker. Swearing up and down, making insane accusations that the bookstore was trying to brainwash the general public into believing "that socialist bullsh**". He even went on to make comments that would have him under investigation as a terrorist or at the very least someone of 'interest" to certian persons on protective duty to presidential candidates Granted, no direct threats as to what he would do, but the desire to see some one no longer alive. Yikes!!!
If said wack-job had not appeared so unstable, self would have walked up to him and told him that he was harming my child by using offensive language and wishing some one no longer a member of the planet Earth.

Wack-job even asked the poor clerk who just wanted to get him out of there before he made a huge scene (poor, poor guy) to give him the number and address for the corporate office so he could tell them how said chain bookstore was dissillutioning the public by having those books on display and should not allow this store to display or carry said books. It was apparently not even a matter of opinion. Cannot recall exactly what wack-job said, but it was along the lines of the ideas were so harmful that freedom of speech did not even cover them. WOW! So wanted to tell him then his freedom of speech should be revoked for being such and idiot!!!

I will say that said clerk did a very good job in not even responding to wack-job other than to ask him to step out the door and "have a good day" and give him the info he wanted. I seriously doubt my ability to be that calm while I was being yelled at like that over something I had no control over . .. and being the crazy liberal I am would have given him a piece of my mind.

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