the craft project I just cannot get done

Ok, so awhile back when I first got into making my ReClaimed Creations and told my little sis about it she said one of her co-workers might want me to make a diaper bag, to which I was thinking . . .oh, gosh, I am not sure that I could really come up with something unless they have a good idea of what they want. Then in June the girl said that she would really like me do do a diaper bag for her sister, because reusing and that kind of thing is really up her alley basically. But, the baby wasn't due until mid-September, so no big deal, just tell her how much I owe her. And I ask, ok, so what does she like, do you have any ideas on colors/ theme? Well, she's really excited it a girl, so something with pinks and cute. Um, ok, big, small, medium, patchwork, solid, applique?
"I don't really know. you're a really crafty person, you'll come up with something great."
I am very flattered, but very overwhelmed, seeing as so far I have only made purses, wrist cuffs and trick or treat bags (other than Halloween costumes). I diaper bag is something that you have to cram so much into, use forever, be able to wash frequently (at least I did), etc, etc.
So, I made one attempt and it was something that I absolutely hated, hated so MUCH that I barely took the time to tear it apart for the salvageable pieces.
So, now I have cute out material, have another plan and have several pieces decided on, but cannot, no matter what I do convince myself to "go for it again". I have a vision of a really cute but not overly cute bag, some really great fabrics and everything is ready, but I cannot make that darn thing come together?!!!
I think I have a case of craft fright!!!! Argghhhhh. I sat down today, with my newly cleaned space, all my pieces cut and organized and just could not get far at all! Maybe writing about it will help me, a journal entry of sorts?
I will work on it after bath time . .I will . . .I will! I so can make the vision in my head appear, right?!?!
OK .. . extracting children from tub, wrinkles and all.

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