Volunteer year is nearing

I am so not ready for so many things this year . . my goodness, my little guy starts kindergarten in a few days. *sigh* My hubby is going to be finishing his degree (the perpetual student that he is just cannot wait any longer), so that means full-time school and full-time office for him, at least it's internet classes and the easy ones that he didn't take while at the U. And this will mark my daughter's last year at home, she will follow her brother into kindergarten.
But, there is one thing that I am so ready for and cannot wait to get started on . .. GFWC Polson Women's Club starts up its new volunteer year in September!!!
We are still getting things together and trying to figure out what we can do each year, however, we all have so much enthusiasm for getting things done and helping others! It is so great to be with such a fun and excited group of ladies. We will be looking into space to have consistent meetings this year . . . doing on-line business and utilizing 'meeting' time to make things happen to give us more time for doing and have planning done in spare time when we find it . . . revising Bylaws to allow for on-line voting, business sessions, etc . . . and coming up with some superb new projects and writing some fabulous reports to go along with those!!
All my club friends mean so much to me and we are excited to welcome new friends all the time. We will be hosting a Leadership Day in October to help women understand that there is a leader in all of us . . . no matter what you want to lead!!
And we will be working on our Domestic Violence Awareness Cookbook - a matter that is closer to everyone than they want to admit. We encourage everyone to go and become one of the Million Voices Against Domestic Violence and pledge to speak out against violence! No one should feel afraid to go home our to be with someone who uses the phrase 'love' when they really mean control. Click on the link, then click the "Join the Million Voices Campaign".
Ohhh . . . I am so excited and so ready for this!!

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