What's a girl to do?

Crafting can be a total wreck!
You are sitting there, happily creating a piece of work that is just going so well and turning out wonderful . ..when *poof* into your brain full of current craft project jumps
ta da
NEW, SPARKLING . .. gotta do it RIGHT NOW or I'm going to die of craft mania idea!!

Stop . . .wait . . . working on project that was not happening and now totally feeling it . . .cannot, must not stop. *I need to stop, I absolutely MUST at least write down my idea . . . must make one teenie little sketch* says crafty brain that has no sense of in the now, or maybe too much sense of in the now!

So . . . what is a girl to do?!! This cannot be a disease that only I posses?!?!

And I try to explain this to people who do not craft and they look at me like "what the hell is your problem? Being able to just come up with ideas?! Isn't that, like, amazing?!"
No, no, no!!! It is not, I am going to go crazy. I cannot follow through on anything when this happens?!! How do you NOT understand?!?!

GRRRR . . . so, gotta figure something out. Alas, until I do so, I will forget wonderful ideas in the pursuit of current projects or drop in the middle of current project and leave a big ol' mess and make my teenie, tiny sketch/ note/ whatever and then pursue said project until another evil idea comes coming hopping along.

And this comes about today because the diaper bag I have been despairing over and feeling not too confident about has come to life! I guess the idea of writing it down did help . . .I feel it coming together in my head and in the fabric! Ohhhh . . it is too great now . . .want to have another wee one so I can have one. But, that is a whole other story!

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