Gardens and volunteering . . .what else!?!

Summer is coming to a close and I have so many fun ideas running through my head, but no time to get them going. And I have to keep remembering to weed the garden!
My first year at attempting to plant a decent-size garden of veggies and a patch of strawberries. I did not get the bigger area planted until after the snow in June, so it still has alot of growing to do. I have a bunch of peas and the cucumber plants are getting huge! The beans are starting to come out and *cross your fingers* the corn is maybe going to do something. If nothing else it will look cute transplanted into front barrels in the fall :-) I also am hoping on some mini-pumpkins for Halloween and for fall, but not sure about them. All this in 100 square feet and the strawberry patch is about 40 square feet. The kids ended up eating all of those as they came up red - we only got about 10 berries (3rd year plants and they were transplanted from another person's garden)
Fall will be here all to soon and I will have more time on my hands - maybe?! One of the kiddos will be starting Kindergarten and soccer and all that goes with sports, etc!
I recently joined a wonderful Etsy team called Big Sky Montana Etsy Team. I have not been much of a help there, though!
Now that I finally finished the Summer newsletter for GFWC of Montana - a 20 page issue at that- I will have more time to devote to Etsy and my crafty self! The newsletter is all layed-out and published by yours truly (on an volunteer-basis)! It is a good amount of work, but SO much fun when all said and done.
Then, over the week I got school shopping done and my craft supplies are getting sorted through! I so need to destash, but I cannot bear to part with anything! Even my ever-growing collection of cereal boxes - never know when those babies might come in handy. They are great for painting on (for the kids and myself) and making pillow boxes out of.
My volunteer efforts are slowing down for the month, but will be starting up the new volunteer year with a bunch of projects and aspirations! I am the State Leadership chairman and still the newsletter publisher, as well as president of my local club.
Well . . . I do have quite a few things to get started and several to finish. So, you think I should hop to it?!! LOL - I better get all my crafty supplies gone through and get to work this weekend. I have a diaper bag to finish.

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