Icky girls

One of those too funny kid moments. Driving in the car 4-year-old daughter says she wants to be older than her brother, I told her that it's nice to have an older brother so if boys are bugging her when she gets older that her brother will take care of them. I said to son, 'you'll just tell those punks to leave your sister alone, won't you?!', to which I get gales of laughter from both, since mommy does not normally say things like that.
Then silly mommy proceeds to say to daughter, when you get older you'll be able to tell your brother which girls to stay away from. *thinking, oh, crap . .. why did I just say THAT!*
And then I get asked 'what girls would I want to stay away from mommy?'
'Um, icky girls,' replies mom who should have kept her mouth shut! OMG!
To which smart little girl in her car seat says, 'Yeah, the icky girls. You know icky girls are the ones who don't take a bath-tub when their mommies tell them to.'
To which mommy replies with gales of laughter! I least I am saved from explaining what I really meant.

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