Jelly roll-ups

So I am getting ready to send off my little guy to school on Thursday and trying to think of all the things I need get set - - lunches, waking up on time, and all that good stuff. And do all this without getting to sad . .. he is starting Kindergarten and in our state they have full-day kindergarten, ahhhh . . . and staying excited for him.
So, I have been really immersing myself into Etsy and my new team and also looking at healthy lunch goodies and in general avoiding thinking about it.
I found a cute sandwich idea and tried a version out on my daughter, who is 4, for her before bed snack and she is completely addicted . .it's hilarious. She nows thinks the best food on Earth is a 'jelly roll-up' ie: a piece of bread with the crusts cut off, then rolled flat with a rolling pin. Spread jelly of choice on it and roll it up - -yummy-licious. LOL
So, In honor of her discovery I am going to do a jelly-mini and find the most scrumptious looking BigSkyMontanaEtsyTeam member to feature, right after lunch.

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