Going Strong

The Etsy Challenge is going strong after less than one day, almost $200 dollars in tiems have been sold!!

Great work everyone. Go see the list of items that you can purchase at:

The items in my Etsy mini at the right are all part of the Challenge to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation!

Thank you MissKnits and SarahinFlorida for the idea and the Challenge!

Here is the item that I voted for:

Made by KeenasKreations

She also has some beautiful tatted pink items for the Challenge, tatted Halloween items, sock critters and scarves!! Amazing!

Be sure to Shop for a Cause the handmade way on Etsy

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missknits said...

aawww this is awesome!!! that hat is awesome! great choice! and thanks for giving us a shout out! i hope everyone stops by to vote and support a good cause!