Soccer fun!

Yesterday the family got to take our little guy to his first soccer game! Oh, my! I was so fun and the kids really enjoyed themselves. They are amazing little athletes and just kept going!
The team has kids from 4 to 6 years old, the one 4-year-old was very much no into playing, though. She was off doing her own thing - I really don't blame her at all, all those kids running around crazy. Our 4 year old thought it looked interesting, but she said she was not ready to play.
"Next time it will be fun, Mom" Translation, I'll do it next year, after my brother tells me how fun it is and talks it up for a whole year.
She is waiting for T-ball, though. Really excited! And so is he, finally getting them into wanting to do organized sports. Didn't push before now because we really think that they should just be able to play around and enjoy running and jumping and being silly before organizing games. We play our own versions of those type of games and teach them to bat and throw, but nothing major and if it only lasts 3 minutes, then, so be it . . . they tried for a bit and they can try again another time. Encourage the fun, not the getting it done the right way.
Ah, there I go getting all preachy sounding, didn't mean to. Just how we do things and how they have fun. A benefit of living in the boonies and having room to really run and play, too. can't do that as easily if you live in the city.
The little guy seemed to really like it, but we need to work on focusing this week - -he's out on the field posing like a rock star and watching the airplanes and birds, not the bright pink ball! Haha. He sure can run, though. Stopping .. .well, not so fast. LOL!
And boy was he tired after. Took a nap from 6:30 to 8 and was still asleep by 9pm (a bit later then normal fora school night, but he needed to eat and do stories before bed since he crashed basically in the middle of dinner.

Here's to soccer and cute little kiddos having tons of fun!

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