So excited

Woooo-Whoooo! I am so excited, I finally got that diaper bag to the girl who wanted it and she loves it! She really thinks her sister willl enjoy it so much.
Wow! I am relieved to have it all done and to her and that she likes it. That thing took on a life of it's own, so I was rather overwhelmed and have not been allowing myself a chance to think about it, for fear of going into a tizzy about that whole deal.
Maybe it was a lack of not having a worked-up sketch for her to review before starting, the terrible first attempt, my worry that the bags just are not the thing ... I am not sure. Probably all of it rolled together, but I had many days of just sitting in front of the materials with no clue. Staying up at night thinking about it.
AHHHH .... here I am torturing myself again.
Anyway, I am so glad the bag was a success and I know I have learned so much from this experience.

Happy crafting!!

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