the 'yum' of my life!!

Ok, so I think I have failed to reveal so far that I have an addiction to coffee. And up until a very short time ago it was crappy coffee, meaning the Folgers variety. I never likes Starbucks or Seattle's Best, they always tasted bitter and old to me, no matter how fresh they were. So, mainly I relied on creamers to flavor it up and make it yummy. Not so good calorie wise, but made me happy.

But this past summer I went to a GFWC (General Federation of Women's Clubs) volunteer convention and one of the, how to they say it? ? ? . . . um, endorsed, yeah, that's it. One of the nationally endorsed fundraiser companines was new and they were a Fair Trade Coffee Co based in Washington State. The members of the club I am in are girls that would go for a fundraiser like that, rather than the wrapping paper, candles, Chico's clothing . . .we're really not into that stuff so much. So, I stopped by the booth and the gentleman there was very helpful, very nice and gave me the literature and also a sample of the coffee blend they made for our fundraisers for our organization. I go thome and about a week later, I made the sample and shared it with the girls. It was pretty good, better than what I had tasted so far. I thought that maybe I had waited to long to try it, though, because I know that really good coffee does not have a terribly long shelf-life and with it having been shipped from Washinton to Chicago then home with me . . .well all that airplane riding can't be good for the flavor.
So, I decided to check out the site and see about other blends to try for myself before I really pushed this fundraiser.
I had just bought a huge tub of good old folgers right before I left, so I knew it would be awhile before I needed more coffee and I could not order some and wait to use it, so I bookmarked the page and waited until I got close to the end of my supply.
Well, 2 weeks ago I was finally at the point to order more . . . so I hoped onto Grounds for Change and found 2 choices, one dark and one light. They got here last week and I have been in heaven since! I could eriously drink even more coffee than normal, but instead I drink a little less because I actually enjoy the flavors of the coffee and the smell!! OMG, the smell.
I would be hard pressed to decide if I wanted this coffee or chocolate and I love good chocolate.

So, if you are looking for yummy-licious coffe and are willing to pay a bit more for really good fair trade coffee, look up Grounds for Life. So far I have tried the El Salvador "Alpaneca" and the Nordic Blend and the GFWC blend.

Happy coffee drinking, or send this as gift to a coffee drinker you know - - Fair Trade is the thing now, right? And they do 1% for the planet, too!!

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