camping with Grandpa

Yesterday my father-in-law decided to take my son camping in our woods, just down the driveway from the house. So, they are packing all their 'gear' back and forth from the garage and house to their spot and little sister has to help, too.
Hubby and I are hanging out in the house putting away lunch dishes and I am considering what craft project to try and do an we look out the window and both burst into gales of laughter. There is this little convoy of campers that starts with Grandpa carrying very brightly colored kiddo folding chairs and the tent, then little sister in her bright pink sweater directing her brother and cheering him on as he works his way down on his little electric 4-wheeler (which does not go even as fast as he can walk). And he has gear in the back of that - it has a small cargo spot.

Then, I go nab the camera (they were a good distance away, but I tried) and little Miss Thing tells her brother to stop, stop . . . and runs around the back of the 4-wheeler and gives it a good smack, then I hear her say "now it will go faster, don't worry". And run in front of him saying 'you can do it, you can make it . .. go D, go!!"

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Joyce said...

Sooo cute. Great g'pa! My kids are grown and no grandkids yet. But that is a great scene!!