It is done

The wedding is done, the wedding is done!! Weeee-whoooo!!

LOL .. so the sister's wedding is finally over! I made it through yet another one (of hers). Big hair, high heels - hiking in high heels, even - drunk people, pictures and more pictures, bossing people around (ok that part is kind of fun), making flower arrangements and making food. I tell ya, if the other sister and I were to give her a manual labor bill . . it would be up there. Along with her friends bills, too. I really do hope that she sends out some very nice thanks yous to the people who helped her - for free.

And the hotel staff where she had the wedding were super wonderful to work with and very helpful. If you live around Kalipell, MT the Hampton Inn has great staff!!!

It wasn't even my shin-dig and I am actually considering writing them a thank you.

The bride and groom are off to Mexico and I will be getting my little niece tomorrow morning, so in honor of their trip and my wishing that I could be on a trip to somewhere tropical and secluded right now ... I am doing a tropical mini for the next couple days.

Then I will get to doing a boob mini again!!

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